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BW Brazos bridge


Recently, i won’t tell you how recently, I was at work and due to my irrational state of mind; I walked out.
In so doing I walked out on 7.5 years of solid work service;
I walked out on an expensive but essential health insurance policy;
I walked out on Reason, the last bastion of fair-play;
I walked out having temporarily “lost my mind;”
I walked out, having committed no physical violence 😊; but still
I walked out. Sad commentary for a would be rational man-of-faith. ☹

In the next few blog posts, I intend to concisely explore irrational behavior, irrationalism, etc. I hope you will attend + contribute. Or, maybe we’ll all go crazy together. LOL!angry man

blue and silver band

Blue Band of Sisters

selfie with deer

at dads may2012 BLUE CAN

splendor in sky

para flyer enhanced

galveston.more gulls

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