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being irrational

i’m no joker; rage is not entertaining. After a while it gets downright repulsive.

Years ago during my adolescent adjustment phase , i attempted a mighty circus feat: I catapulted the family rocking chair through our dining room front window.

Although it didn’t fly completely through the window. It lodged inside the square window casing. The glass wasn’t entirely shatterd, thankfully. Nonetheless, the sound seemed deafening.

The up shot: i found myself in an old worn chair staring into the eyes of Dr. Frankeinstein, my new found psychiatrist. This event was about 1 month before i was to enter high school. Adolescent re-adjustment was my mission as per the stolid docter.

Long story short: Settle down; grow up.

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BW Brazos bridge


Recently, i won’t tell you how recently, I was at work and due to my irrational state of mind; I walked out.
In so doing I walked out on 7.5 years of solid work service;
I walked out on an expensive but essential health insurance policy;
I walked out on Reason, the last bastion of fair-play;
I walked out having temporarily “lost my mind;”
I walked out, having committed no physical violence 😊; but still
I walked out. Sad commentary for a would be rational man-of-faith. ☹

In the next few blog posts, I intend to concisely explore irrational behavior, irrationalism, etc. I hope you will attend + contribute. Or, maybe we’ll all go crazy together. LOL!angry man

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